State-of-the-Art Design

At CES our systems are designed using the latest in computer aided design and 3-D modeling.

All system electrical designs are specifically optimized for installation in Colorado. With more than 300 sunny days each year, Colorado is one of the best locations available for solar installations.

The benefit of such careful design is evident in the performance of our systems. Our systems typically provide our customers with DC to AC conversion efficiencies of 90% or better.

Important Design Considerations

Inverter Type:

There are 3 types of inverters typically used for solar installations here in the Rocky Mountain Region: Central, String, and Micro; each of these have advantages and disadvantages; therefore selecting the correct type of inverter is important to quality system design. Micro Inverters, for example, are normally not a good choice for our high altitude climate, as they cannot take advantage of our above average sunlight levels.

String Length:

As a string of modules gets longer, the total voltage increases, as does the efficiency of the array. The practical upper limit is the voltage capability of the system wiring on the coldest day that the array will see full sun. It is very important to consult a design professional to properly size system strings.

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