Residential Phototvoltaic System Installations

A residential Installation in Arvada is Pictured

Residential photovoltaic and wind turbine system installations are available from 1,000 Watts (enough power for 2 refridgerators or 10 "old fashioned" 100 watt light bulbs) up to 10,000 Watts (enough to easily power an entire household, including air conditioning).

Systems are typically, but not necessarily, grid intertied, allowing the home owner to sell power back to his or her power company (see net metering page).

Non-grid intertied systems require significant battery banks to store power (typically 10 to 30 car-battery-sized batteries, depending on system size). Back-up generators are available as an option.

Complete Energy Solutions LLC can design and install either type of system, to meet our customer's specific needs.

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