Off-Grid Systems

"Off-Grid" solar photovoltaic systems provide electrical power to locations not served by any sort of public utility.

Off-grid systems are extremely flexible in design; they can be set up to provide anything from small, limited DC power to very complex, three-phase commercial voltages to run major pieces of equipment.

Since electricity supply and demand must always be equal (otherwise equipment damage will occur), off-grid systems nearly always contain some form of energy storage mechanism, such as batteries. The storage solution for an off grid installation adds an additional level of design complexity. For example, it may be desirable to have a large battery bank connected to a small array if there is a large, very intermittent load to be powered.

Here at CES, our designers have the training and experience to design remote site solar systems with commercial levels of reliability and performance. We can support small, super rugged remote station power sets, all the way through megawatt-scale remote site power.

Off Grid System Photos